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Women Benefiting Technology – Women’s History Month Spotlight

Author: Melissa Glasson, SmartMomGig.com

The women benefiting technology industry has been making efforts, in recent years, to increase diversity and inclusion, with a particular focus on increasing the representation of women in the field.  In addition to addressing matters of equity and social justice, this also brings a slew of benefits to the industry and to society, as a whole.

One of the main benefits of increasing the number of women in technology is the diversity of thought and perspective they bring.  Women, oftentimes, approach problems differently than men, and may bring different experiences and insights, which can lead to more innovative solutions.  Studies have also shown diverse teams are more creative and innovative than homogeneous teams, as well as being more profitable and competitive.

Women are often highly skilled in collaboration and teamwork, which can be beneficial in a technology environment, where cross-functional teams are increasingly common. Women are, frequently, good at building relationships and communicating effectively, which can help to create a more cohesive team.

In addition, women make up a significant portion of technology’s customers so having more women involved in the design, development, and implementation of technology products can help improve customer understanding and meet the needs of a diverse range of users.

Finally, increasing the number of women in technology can positively impact society, as a whole.  Women can help create technology products to solve real-world problems and improve people’s lives.  Additionally, by increasing the representation of women in technology, gender stereotypes can be broken down and greater gender equality can be promoted, overall.

In conclusion, women benefit from technology, abundantly – these are but a few examples.  By embracing diversity and inclusion, the technology industry can become more innovative, collaborative, and competitive, while also creating products and processes that have positive societal impacts.


Dawn Wellott, CEO of SmartMomGig.com and MSPAA Partner, was recognized as a 2023 Woman of Impact in Technology by Women Impact Tech.  She will be presented with the physical award on July 11, 2023, for going above and beyond, making strides to promote DEI and gender equity in the tech space, and leading the charge for the next generation of women to thrive.

Women Impact Tech sought out the most noteworthy women who have significantly influenced an individual or the technical space as a whole, paving the way for other women in the field. They are the women to watch over the next year, and beyond, as leading examples of how women thrive in an industry traditionally dominated by men.

Dawn continually uplifts women, in the tech space and overall.  During the past year she has spoken at numerous events and conferences, continuing to spread the word that women have not disappeared from the workforce, we just need to meet them where they are and utilize their abundance of skills and work ethic.  Her admirable goal of helping a million women achieve success and financial security is life-changing, for each of the individual women, as well as for the businesses they are completing work for, their local communities, and society – as a whole.

The extensive platform Dawn created utilizes technology, benefiting businesses by increasing their DEI, filling their work gaps, and lowering their overhead, securely and safely.  This, in turn, benefits a wide diversity of skilled women, allowing them to provide for themselves and their families, while continuing to be vital contributors to the business landscape.

Keep up the great work, Dawn!

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