what is an msp

MSPs are increasingly being turned to as strategic outsourcing partners that remotely manage or deliver IT services, thanks to talent and technologies most enterprises lack.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is an outsourcer contracted to remotely manage or deliver IT services such as network, application, infrastructure, or security management to a client company by assuming full responsibility for those services, determining proactively what technologies and services are needed to fulfill the client’s needs.

According to Mordor Research, the managed services market will grow to $474 billion by 2026, up from $152 billion in 2020, buoyed by increased adoption of the model, with many companies turning to MSPs to mitigate the impact of the pandemic in the past years. The percentage of companies using MSPs to manage more than half of their IT needs increased from 25% last year to 45% in 2022, according to NTT’s global managed services survey.

The pandemic also saw a surge in demand for cloud-based solutions and an increased drive to accelerate digital transformations, with customer demand moving away from “bread and butter” services system integration and help desk services to remote work support and cybersecurity as well, according to a recent Acronis survey of managed service providers.

Fifty-four percent of managed service providers reported an increase in cloud management revenue last year, and 65% increased their revenue from cybersecurity services, even during the global economic depression, according to a survey by Kaseva.

As companies sent employees to work from home and revamped their business models, managed service providers were in a unique position to help, with infrastructure already in place and remote work the norm rather than the exception.

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Technology experience is as vital as certifications

Some basic features to look for in a MSP

MSPs may deliver their own native services, other providers’ services or an integrated mix of the two. 

IT Infrastructure

Work with your MSP to manage and monitor your critical IT systems.

Technical Support

A crucial part of any MSP service. It would be best if you had confidence in your MSP's ability.


MSPs are active in their operations and should be monitoring your systems for maximum functionality.


MSPs are not excluded from maintaining the highest cybersecurity measures.

Managed Security

Does your MSP employ the security practices they offer to you?

CIO Advisory

Can your MSP provide experienced advice and guidance to your organization's decision makes?

Hybrid Model

Will the MSP work in collaboration with your own IT team? Will they assist in training and general support?


What certifications does your MSP have in place?

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