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30 years ago, I did something kind of crazy. I stole a vacant office from my parents, hung up a self-constructed banner that read “Optimal Networks,” and called myself a business owner.

My plan: I’d build an IT company that would not only provide its clients with mind-blowing service and results, but would have serious fun doing so.

I had the tech know-how thanks to a BS and MS from Hopkins, I had the entrepreneurial drive thanks to a Wharton MBA, and I really, really liked having a good time. There *had* to be a way to blend all of these facets together while maintaining an aggressive commitment to honesty and ethics, right?

Well, here we are 3 decades later, 50 people and 100 clients strong.

While you’ll never see me claim sole credit for where Optimal is today (it was a massive team effort), you might hear me talk about how incredible it’s been to see those wild ideas jump from continuous-feed computer paper to fiercely real life.

And it has been even *more* incredible to see the results we have brought about for our clients over the years.

Clients who came to us exhausted from riding herd on their IT teams — and some who felt they were held hostage — are now confident we have their backs.

Clients who were worried their technology wasn’t cutting it with their employees (especially the younger ones) are now fully mobile — literally working via hotspots while their spouses are driving.

Clients who came to us with security concerns are at ease knowing that we are helping them stay vigilant.

Take a look at the testimonials sprinkled across our site to see what I mean: www.optimalnetworks.com

Heinan Landa
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