Open contracts for MSPs (posted every Tuesday - when available)

* contracts will be removed when the required number of MSPs have applied. MSPs will be notified by email the night before an open contract is released.

How it works?

MSP review contract

MSPs should read the open contracts carefully and make sure they meet the client's requirements. NOTE: New contracts are posted every Tuesday

Submit your MSP profile for the client contract

All MSP profiles are submitted through the MSP member account here. Look for the Client Contract section. Some contracts limit the number of MSPs that can submit profiles.

Deadline or Maximum MSP Submissions

Once an open contract reaches the required amount of MSP submissions or the contract application deadline is reached, the contract will be closed to any new submissions. Submissions sent after this will not be considered.

Executive Summary Process

The MSPAA will begin to schedule meetings with the MSPs to start the executive summary process.
The following areas are discussed:

  • Contract-based criteria and if the MSP understands the contract request
  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Operational Overview
  • Business Culture

Delivery of MSP Reviews & Client Selection

The MSPAA respectfully provides clients with MSP executive summaries and empowers them to make their own informed decisions and connect with MSPs. As a neutral party, the MSPAA does not recommend one MSP over another.
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