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Welcome to the Managed Service Provider Association of America (MSPAA), an online platform established to assist businesses in identifying the ideal Managed Service Provider (MSP) suitable for their operations. MSPs play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations in today’s business environment. 

Our objective at the MSPAA is to simplify the selection process of MSPs for businesses, like yours. We are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive access to top-tier MSPs that meet your specific goals and specification requirements. More Details

We recognize that with the growing number of technology options available today, it can be a challenge for executive teams to make informed decisions that drive their organizations forward. Therefore, we offer a streamlined approach to MSP selections to ease the decision-making process. Our executive summaries provide you with detailed and relevant information that you need to make an informed choice, without the hassle of incoming sales calls or email bombardment.

Choose the MSPAA today and discover the perfect MSP that can help you realize your business objectives.

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How it works?

Start a discussion with us

Initiate a conversation with us. Share your criteria for selecting an MSP, specify the number of vendors you'd like us to send you, and inform us of your deadlines. We're here to tailor our services to meet your needs effectively.

Disbursement of your business contract

We communicate your requirements to our members while safeguarding your privacy. Rest assured, we do not share any contact or company details to shield you from unsolicited calls. Additionally, we strictly adhere to the number of summaries you specify in your request.

We begin the work

After MSPs have submitted their intent in your contract, we get to work on completing the executive summaries. We focus on the following:
  • Contract-based criteria
  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Operational Overview
  • Business Culture

Delivery of your Executive Summaries

Quickly assess the interested MSP vendor's information that meets your criteria and gain an immediate understanding of which MSPs are geared to handle your business!

Contact your selected MSP

Finalize your executive decision by reaching out to the presented MSP vendors to finalize the potential fulfillment of your contract.
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