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Webinar Requirements


While streaming platform can be used on nearly any device, there are some general requirements and recommendations for hardware and software that can help provide the best possible experience.


Other browsers may work with StreamYard, but these are the browsers we recommend for the best experience.

  • Windows, MacOS & Linux: Chrome or Firefox
  • Android: Chrome or Firefox
  • iOS & iPadOS: Safari

Note- due to browser limitations, Firefox does not allow the ability to select a speaker output, or use the “Reduce mic background noise” feature. 


Streaming requires a lot of data, and a consistent connection, but your current internet provider should be fine. We recommend always connecting via ethernet to your router when possible; WiFi will work in most cases, but not as well, and could cause issues.

In general, we recommend at minimum of 30 Mbps upload and download speed. You can test your internet with speed test, or with TestMy.Net on mobile.

Hardware (device)

We can work on a variety of devices, but these are the recommended system requirements for the best experience. 

Windows, MacOS & Linux:

  • CPU: Modern (2015+) quad-core Intel or AMD CPU (at least i7-6700hq or equivalent)
  • RAM: 4GB minimum, 6-8GB recommended
  • GPU: The iGPU in any modern CPU should be more than enough
    Note: The virtual background effect is more GPU-intensive, so a more powerful, dedicated Nvidia/AMD GPU may be required.
  • Storage: SSD recommended


  • iOS 10 and below: Not supported
  • iOS 11-12.2: Supported, but audio-only (no camera support)
  • iOS 12.2-13: All features supported, except hosting
  • iOS 13+: All features supported


Most Android devices running Android 9 or above will work great.
At least 4gb of RAM is recommended.

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