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Tech Developments for 2023

Author: Jason Holliman

A Programmable 2023

Business leaders and decision-makers will be focusing on artificial intelligence trends, nanotechnology, and augmented and virtual reality in 2023. How those technologies can help businesses grow and flourish with ease will be the key to successful trends. Remote operational capability, outsourcing opportunities, cybersecurity, and data storage will be several areas in that artificial intelligence will be required in order to keep businesses thriving. Their relationship between employees in the workforce as well as customer satisfaction will be a top priority. For the first time in 2023, artificial intelligence will become mainstream. Below, is a more in-depth look at important tech jobs for 2023 and trends making the forefront of the industry.

A Look at the No-Code Movement

Every day people will have access to technology that will have “no-code” software downloaded into the app. Drag-and-drop solutions will allow users to put their ideas to good use. This allows non-programmers, and programmers alike, to be able to create their own programs and software using a graphical interface. No-code platforms will need to be compatible, and reliable, and increase workflow management and data migration in order to be a good partner product for doing business. Airtable, Jotform Apps, and Appsheet are a few of the top no-code development platforms in the tech industry.

People who once had trouble understanding how to use iPhones will now be writing software with technology that allows one to simplify creation. Known as the “no-code movement,” the hurdle of needing to know how to write programmable languages, now removed, lets everyone bring their ideas to the forefront.

Artificial Intelligence as a Trend (Natural Language Processing)

Also trending but taking the front stage for the first time in 2023, will be artificial intelligence as a service. Natural language processing is already a simple form of AI that exists in our everyday lives. “Hey, Siri,” and “ok, Google,” more than likely have been uttered by everyone reading this article.

Natural language processing technology (NLP) is a trending technology in the medical field as well. It has the potential to recognize, search, and analyze large amounts of patient databases and provide, in a timely manner, relevant insight and concepts that were perhaps buried in a stack of paperwork, folders, or even out-of-date databases.

           NLP is saving lives as it processes medical records for diseases and illnesses that may have been missed or previously improperly coded. Therefore, reports show that NLP in the healthcare and life sciences market is expected to reach almost $4 billion by 2025 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 20.5%.

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Tech Developments for 2023

Augmented and Virtual Realities

As the metaverse continues to grow, augmented and virtual realities will continue to shape our lives. The demarcation between the physical world and the world of artificial intelligence will become blurry in 2023. Business leaders and decision-makers will need to prepare and consider more immersive products and services.

The past two years gave employees the opportunity to work from home. In 2023, augmented and virtual reality technologies will continue to advance and give employees and business decision-makers a more immersive, office-like setting in which to hold business collaborations. Likewise, meetings can be held on the beach in Maui or on a dusty Mars platform if they work for NASA. This is expected to play a vital role in the way that foreign relations are maneuvered as avatars increasingly take our place in the metaverse.

Business decision-makers will need to work with these technologies when considering customer relations and adding to their workforce. Customer support that uses augmented reality will become more prevalent in 2023.


The concept of nanotechnology goes back to 1959. But in 2023 it is a strong reality shaping and guiding not just society, but the future. The parameters of nanotech are between 1 and 100 nanometers. Unusual phenomena at this level allow for novel materials and alteration of properties biological, chemical, and physical, according to the Nobel prize physicist Richard Feynman.

The real world will be changed into the digital world for the benefit of society, even at the level of relaxing and playing video games. Nanotechnology will see a huge boost in the development of materials that are known as “self-healing” products. New materials will be developed that are graphed with nanotechnological material that is 200 times stronger than steel. Don’t be surprised to hear talk of “super-cities” and “super-structures” being forecast as well.

           Nanomedicine is already an area that is alive and well but will see continued funding for research and growth in 2023. Nanoparticles that can detect cancer and transport medicine, even to localized areas, will be a huge area of investment. Injectable drugs with nanoparticles smaller than 200 nanometers are already the talk of experts. Market research shows that the industry for nanomedicine is expected to grow by a CAGR of 11.6% between 2023-2028 with a USD value of $391.5 billion by 2026.

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Tech Developments for 2023

Top Jobs in Tech in 2023

According to the Institute for the Future, 85% of the jobs that college students will have in 11 years have not even been invented yet. Keeping up with emerging trends is what the IFTF does. Digitally literate humans are the ones who will be able to take advantage of certain positions, products, and services, and navigate their way through life more proficiently.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says most students will work at approximately 10 different jobs before they are 38 years of age. In the next decade, searching for jobs may be a thing of the past. Online data sources, such as business profiles, are where businesses will play matchmaker and bring jobs to candidates who will be a better match. Virtual reality will play a huge role in the hiring process as well. No longer will potential candidates have to drive to an office and sit through an interview.

Already, according to the Brixton Group, the tech industry is the second largest sector driving the US economy at the moment. From data scientists to cloud resource developers, most of the top ten jobs in 2023 will stem from technological development and growth. Machine learning engineers and AI architecture will be careers making the trend. AI specialists are expected to be the top-paying tech jobs of 2023.

Machine Learning Developers

Machine learning developers build models from data and research. Speech recognition and image classification are two examples of models built with such data by machine learning developers. Machine learning engineers focus on the link between the input and the output by analyzing the data. Machine learning developers analyze discrepancies and transform data into science prototypes. This will be a huge sector of tech industry employment in 2023. According to salary research websites, in 2022 the average machine-learning developer made about $146,000.

Business Intelligence Developer

Data is usually analyzed and reduced into consumable-sized information in order to better support a business. This is done by a business intelligence developer. Charts, graphs, analytics, summaries, and dashboards, are all examples of business data that has been transformed into usable information by a business intelligence developer. These developers also create tools that store data more efficiently, try to improve existing systems according to research and statistics, and help bring to the forefront specific business needs. These are just a few of the things that one will do as a business intelligence developer. Last year, according to salary research websites, the average BI developer made $95,000.

User Experience Designer

Appealing designs, concepts, and prototypes made into a marketable development are exactly what a user experience designer will be doing in 2023. The effectiveness of models based on consumer interactions is what will build innovative and usable websites. These designers will likewise be savvy of the competition and what is driving their innovation. User experience is the key to all business models no matter the industry. User experience designers will be knowledgeable of the products, services, or experiences they are designing. They will have positive and meaningful relationships with the people and businesses that employ them. These designers made over $60,000 in 2022 according to salary research websites.

Blockchain Developers

A blockchain is a database that stores and organizes business information. Traditionally, information is stored in a way that looks like a CSV (comma-separated value) file, like Excel. Blockchains take information and collect it into clusters called blocks; several blocks connected become a chain. These systems are built and maintained by blockchain developers. They design and develop protocols, and security patterns, and provide overall network supervision. Many will handle what is called front-end and back-end design, development, and security maintenance. Last year, according to salary research websites, the average salary of a blockchain developer was almost $120,000.

Data Scientist

One who enters this intellectually demanding career in 2023 will be using up-to-date technology to analyze data for businesses and enterprises. They will give reports on the future projection of business ideas and trends. Data scientists will use machine learning to analyze data, models, trends, and research to keep up the quality of services, products, and experiences being offered. Meetings, perhaps virtual, will be a key component of this career as the data is shared with top officials and business leaders. In 2022, according to salary research websites, the average income for a data scientist was over $138,000.


The already fine line between humans and machines will be more diluted in 2023. No-code and other software movements will give everyone the ability not only to use software but create usable programs and software for others to use. Natural language processing will continue to save lives and make daily life easier as it becomes more programmable. Augmented and virtual realities will play a vital role in not only customer and consumer relations, but also in foreign relations. Nanotechnology, likewise, will see healthier humans, especially within the sphere of preventative medicine. Nanotechnology will be a pivotal component at the beginning of super-cities and super-structures starting in 2023 also.

Tech jobs will be the focus of college students as almost no industry, whether food or medicine, will be without the use of someone from the tech industry. Machines will play a vital role in the creation of jobs in areas and fields of design, medicine, customer support, and consumer satisfaction. Humans in 2023 are no longer just the users of technology, they are all unique creators of technology that will hopefully make society better, safer, and more connected. Free to unleash their creativity, individual creators of technology will help make human life more enjoyable. A programmable 2023 is here.

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