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The Top 24 Security Predictions for 2024 (Part 1)

Author: Dan Lohrmann
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Where next for cyber in 2024? Here’s your annual roundup of cybersecurity forecasts, top cyber trends, and cybersecurity industry prediction reports as we head into the calendar year 2024.

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Every December, global experts examine trends and international focus areas for the next 12 months and beyond. For 2024, top topics range from upcoming elections to regional wars to space exploration to advances in AI.

And with technology playing a more central role in every area of life, annual cybersecurity prediction reports, cyber industry forecasts and advanced research on cyber threat trends and data breaches are more important than ever before. Indeed, as predicted back in 2016, the annual growth in the breadth, depth, value and impact of security industry predictions continues unabated.

Naysayers will ask: How accurate are these security predictions? It is an important question to keep considering, especially as we are wrapping up a year in which generative AI (GenAI) stole the show — despite little mention last December. (Before you dig into the 2024 predictions, take a look back at what did make the list for 2023.)

But answering that question about security prediction accuracy is akin to putting all financial advisers in the same category. Indeed, we have bears and bulls and middle-of-the-road “buy and hold” pragmatists in the cybersecurity industry as well. An appropriate response is generally, “It depends.”

Put simply, new year forecasts are varied, but many companies stand out for their in-depth research, reports, trend analysis and more. Nevertheless, the combined research, data and expert analysis contained in these reports is nothing short of staggering — and very helpful.

While the top cybersecurity industry reports are well-refined, clearly presented documents with video support and more, other forecasts, predictions and trends are buried in YouTube videos, conference overviews and online webcasts that are highly informative, but difficult to find.

Gartner, Forrester, IDC, IBM Security and others have excellent prediction and trend materials that normally cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy or to access via a subscription. They are included in my annual analysis only when referenced materials are freely available via link. In fact, I encourage you to read the details at the references provided to learn more.


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