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MSPs – Apply for the Plateau Breaker Scholarship

Author: MSPAA

Scaling the peaks of success in the managed services industry often encounters a formidable adversary—the plateau. This flatline in business growth and productivity can be a perplexing puzzle to solve. However, with the generous initiative of the Managed Services Provider Association (MSPAA) and Start Grow Manage, a beacon of opportunity—The Plateau Breaker Scholarship—illuminates the path forward for MSPs yearning to break free from stagnation.

Understanding The Plateau Breaker Scholarship

With an intent as noble as its name, the Plateau Breaker Scholarship is more than financial assistance—it’s a strategic intervention. Envision a 12-week odyssey, not just offering a route past the plateau but restructuring the entire summit to create a new landscape of success.

Unlike traditional scholarships that end with financial backing, this program solidifies the recipient’s capabilities, providing tools, training, and a community of support to catalyze growth in the long term. It isn’t merely a handout; it’s a hand-up to empower MSPs to achieve renewed success.

Who Should Apply?

Members of the Managed Service Providers Association can apply. The Plateau Breaker Scholarship isn’t a silver bullet for all MSPs; it’s a tailored opportunity for those who are primed for strategic acceleration.

The Application

To start the application, log into your MSPAA member account and navigate to your main account. You will see a section for the Scholarship – You will find the application information contained within. Application deadline is April 1st. The selected MSPs will be notified via email, and phone and mentioned in an MSPAA LinkedIn post.

In Closing

The MSPAA and Start Grow Manage don’t just believe in your capabilities; they provide you with the catalysts to make them your reality. The Plateau Breaker Scholarship—your ticket to reinvigorated success—is just a click away.

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