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NetSuite for the IT Services Industry

View this on-demand webinar to learn how IT VARs and MSPs are navigating the complexities of managing diverse revenue streams including managed services. We look into the trends and challenges of the industry and attempt to demystify the problems that are pertinent to IT VAR/managed services organizations.

Hear about:

  • How recurring revenue streams from managed services has an effect on valuation multiples.
  • How to look at technology infrastructures more holistically.
  • How automation software makes measuring profitability possible.
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Unlocking Profit Growth Strategies for IT VARs and MSPs

Employing an ERP solution like NetSuite allows you to maintain visibility across projects, manage resource utilization, and reduce errors from manual entry. Hear why NetSuite is the preferred business solution in the services industry.

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Metrics That Matter

When it comes to managing a services business, few topics generate as much interest—and controversy—as the topic of Metrics. Whether the question is what to measure or how to measure it, it can be challenging to reach consensus within a single team environment, much less at departmental and organizational levels. There are easily over fifty meaningful metrics a management team could use to assess their professional services business. The issue is determining what specific metrics provide the greatest insight. 

Unfortunately, revenue and profitability are not the beginning and ending of your measurement process. These two metrics provide very limited insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your PS business. In this business guide, we will introduce a practical framework managers can use when selecting the appropriate metrics for their PS organization. Future articles will discuss types of metrics in more detail and discuss the process of defining and deploying a metric strategy.

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