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Announcing a Revolutionary Partnership: Magnetude Consulting’s New Sponsorship

Author: MSPAA

In a fast-paced world of B2B marketing and technology consulting, one thing is certain: strategic partnerships are the bedrock of progress. Magnetude Consulting, a leading voice in technology marketing, has recently forged an alliance that sets a new precedent for how sponsorships can elevate a brand’s visibility and industry growth. This is more than just a new addition to the Managed Service Providers Association of America; it’s a milestone that forecasts a spectrum of possibilities as vast as the marketing world itself.

About the New Sponsor

Magnetude is a B2B marketing firm that pioneered the fractional marketing approach for small to medium tech-related businesses. The firm offers a wide range of strategic and execution-focused marketing services to seamlessly dovetail into client growth goals.

The company specializes in growth strategy consulting and fractional marketing department services including marketing strategy, messaging, branding, websites, content development, digital marketing, demand generation, sales and channel enablement, and brand visibility.

Magnetude services clients across the globe and brings specialized expertise in areas including cybersecurity, big data/AI, SaaS products, B2B professional services, and emerging and established technology-related products and services.

How it Impacts Tech Providers

Every stride in business should resonate with the audience. For business marketing consultants, it spells an uptick in the repertoire of offerings, with insights and tools from Magnetude’s extended arm, henceforth laced with the expertise of their new ally.

B2B Marketers can expect a trickle-down of strategic approaches, case studies, and success narratives amalgamating the best of both worlds. To them, this is not just an announcement; it’s a precursor to a toolkit refined by the aggressive changing trends in technology.


This new alliance doesn’t just find sponsorship in Magnetude’s existing accolades; it resonates with a future that they’ve already begun scripting. It’s an announcement that doesn’t pause at this juncture; it’s one that lays the keystones for a series of revolutionary moves to create a wider community with tech providers.

To experience the full effect of this pivotal move, it’s imperative to stay tuned to Magnetude Consulting’s developments and witness the sponsor’s magic unveiled.

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