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Announcing New Sponsor to the MSPAA: A Boost for the IT Community

Author: MSPAA

The Managed Security Services Association (MSAA) is thrilled to introduce a dynamic new sponsorship that promises to significantly empower our members and the wider IT community. With the introduction of our new sponsor, eSpecialty Insurance, a company renowned for its innovative approach to specialty insurance within the IT sector, we anticipate a paradigm shift in how our members engage with risk management solutions.

Background on the eSpecialty Insurance

eSpecialty Insurance stands at the forefront of the insurance industry, particularly within the realm of professional liability. They’ve carved out a niche in delivering Errors & Omissions (E&O), Cyber, Directors & Officers (D&O), and other crucial coverages catering specifically to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Their enterprise is built upon a technology-driven foundation that seeks to disrupt traditional insurance access and pricing. By leveraging a robust digital marketplace and integrating embedded insurance models, they exact transformative solutions that result in exceedingly competitive rates without sacrificing comprehensive coverage.

Benefits for MSAA Members

The fusion of our sponsor’s innovative insurance marketplace with MSAA’s extensive network augments the value proposition we offer our community. Members can now navigate a seamless customer journey, from quote acquisition to policy procurement, backed by a suite of insurance products curated for the modern cybersecurity landscape.

Impact on the IT Community

Beyond immediate member benefits, this sponsorship extends its reach into the broader IT community, setting a precedent for technological integration in specialty insurance. The sponsorship underpins a movement towards transparent, efficient, and client-centered service delivery. With ready access to bespoke insurance solutions, IT businesses are better equipped to handle the complexities of contemporary cyber threats.


This ambitious collaboration with our new sponsor signifies a leap forward for the MSAA and our associates. We urge our members and the greater IT contingent to capitalize on this strategic partnership. Upholding a secure and risk-managed environment is elemental for business continuity and growth. Harness the combined expertise and innovation that this sponsorship heralds.

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