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Author: Jason Holliman

The success of small businesses is vital to the American economy. So much so, that the government has been establishing organizations for over 50 years to promote small business endeavors. In fact, the Small Business Administration (SBA) was the first government agency established in 1953, and signed into law by then-President Dwight D. Eisenhower, to promote the economy specifically through the aid, counsel, and assistance of small businesses.

Even though there is a long history of promoting and contributing to the assistance of small business owners and their entrepreneurial spirit, there is likewise a long history of failure. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Business Employment Dynamics, 20% of small business start-ups fail in their first year. Corresponding with that, half will not make it to their third year. So, even with a history of government promotion, why do small businesses have such a hard time surviving? What can be done to ensure not just survival, but success within the small business sector?

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Two main reasons new businesses fail is a lack of proper start-up capital and poor marketing strategies. Marketing can create lots of capital gains needed to help small businesses get started, and even flourish. The key is to have a marketable identity and know how to advertise to potential prospects. Ever notice that while watching videos of cute puppies on YouTube that the ads are for dog food and not Pennzoil motor fluid?

There are myriad social media platforms available to help small business owners create, publish, and draw in a wealth of income through marketing videos. One such option that should be explored and exploited, with over 2.6 billion users, is the social media platform YouTube.

According to the Social Media Marketing Industry Report of 2022, almost 55% of marketers are using YouTube as part of their marketing strategy. While Facebook hangs in the lead with interest to marketers, even though it is declining year after year, and almost 47% of marketers reportedly have some interest in using TikTok; YouTube can easily be seen as the future of marketing.

YouTube has a legitimate benefit that other platforms are lacking, which is that marketing videos, titles, links, and video descriptions, can all be utilized in over 80 different languages with hundreds of different dialects and subtitles. If small business owners can make sure that video titles, channel keywords, video tags, and hashtags are used properly and within the guidelines set forth by YouTube, then there is no end to the marketing value of this platform.

Getting the most out of consumer reviews regarding small business products, including feedback via emails, and even extracting from the comment section, can lead to an increase in the value of those products and services. Creating videos that show tutorials, and happy customer reviews is one of the best ways to achieve higher exposure and attract new audiences. Small business owners can also team up with YouTube influencers to help promote their images, products, services, or brands. YouTube is becoming the best way to increase customer engagement while promoting the small business awareness and marketing values that America needs.

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